Our services

  1. Cash Benefit Administration
  2. Company Establishment Services
  3. Freelancer Services
  4. International Accounting Services
  5. International Payroll Services
  6. International Pension Administration
  7. International Tax Advisory
  8. International Tax Refund
  9. Labor and Social Security Advisory
  10. Labor Leasing Services
  11. VAT Registration and Administration


1. Cash Benefit Administration

In Hungary the benefit in kind system is a very important tool for the employers to complement the earnings of their employee with reduced tax payments so it is essential to be planned properly. As part of our service we can plan the benefit-in-kind systems for companies and private entrepreneurs and we can prepare the benefit-in-kind policies also describing and planning the whole payroll process and cash flow system.

2. Company Establishment Services

Our company offers company establishment services. Partially we provide these services as mediated services since the new companies are registered by our lawyer partner companies. It is very important that the success of a company is decided at the start because at the beginning vital conditions have to be determined that will have significant impact on the future operation of the company. One of these vital conditions is the taxation so our company also takes part in the registration process from the first steps.

3. Freelancer Services

We provide support for private persons who would like to do business in Hungary as freelancers (here in Hungary we call them “individuals with tax number”).

4. International Accounting Services

According to the philosophy of our company the in-depth knowledge of accounting is a basic requirement for all tax and accounting fields. Our professional belief is that professional auditor, tax adviser or tax expert only those persons can be who is also a professional accountant. In accordance with this philosophy we can say that we are professional international tax experts because we have professional international accounting knowledge. The specialty of the international accounting we provide is that it is coupled with professional international tax advisory which is absolutely necessary for all international transaction. We have to emphasize that we provide real professional work so primarily we deal with the accounting and tax advisory of special and complex transactions. We can take the comprehensive accounting of companies only in those cases where the complex and complicated transactions make essential to entrust a professional international accounting and tax specialist.

We provide support mainly in those cases:

  • International transactions
  • Real estate project companies
  • Branch offices, subsidiaries
  • Sites in Hungary
  • International service providers
  • International distributors
  • Holding companies
  • Investors
  • IT companies

5. International Payroll Services

We offer our international payroll services for those Hungarian companies who employ staff abroad and for those international companies who would like to employ employee here in Hungary. We can provide you with payroll in any kind of languages. Our payroll service covers the tasks follow:

  • Payslips
  • Transfer lists
  • Calculation of taxes and contributions
  • Preparation of internal policies
  • Submission of tax and contribution declaration
  • Preparation and submission of personal income tax declaration
  • Cash benefit administration

6. International Pension and Social Security Administration

Social security administration services are very useful for:

  • expats
  • persons who are working in more than one country
  • domestic persons who are working abroad

and would like to clarify and manage their social security status or apply cash benefits.

With international pension administration service we can help those foreign private persons who would like to manage their pension with the Hungarian pension office. We can calculate the receivable maximum pension amount and we also help to act at the Hungarian pension office.

7. International Tax Advisory

International tax advisory and international tax planning are key services of our company. Taking into account all tax and accounting related areas we consider these two divisions as the most important and valuable ones since due to their complexity international tax advising and international tax planning require far the greatest expertise and the largest professional practice among them. This is the reason why our services reflect outstanding professional quality because all of them are based on the international tax professionalism we represent.

In general international tax planning is a tax optimization for the whole company taking into consideration the current typical conditions of the company’s operation, future economic goals, income structure, the characteristics of its activity, assets and workforce. The aim of international tax planning is not only to ensure the most optimal taxation of the income realized but also to facilitate the safe operation of the company and the protection of assets and resources.

International tax advisory is a more narrowly defined area than international tax planning. Typically, it provides tax expert solution for a certain economic transaction. With our international tax advisory services we provide support mainly for international companies who are dealing with product sales and service provision but we also have to mention those individuals who have incomes that have to be accounted towards tax authorities of different countries. Usually these individuals are expats, persons with international capital gains or persons who are engaged in real estate leasing, international performers and trainers, music artists.

Priority areas:

  • Triangular- and chain transactions
  • Tax warehouses and customs warehouses
  • Customer inventories
  • Electronic services
  • Webshops
  • IT services
  • Vehicle leases
  • Freight services
  • Construction activities
  • Conference organizer activities

8. International Tax Refund

With our international tax refund services we would like to support private persons (personal income tax, value added tax) and companies (withholding tax, VAT) to help them claim back their taxes from foreign tax authorities in a smooth process.

9. Labor and Social Security Advisory

Our international clients often require support in connection with their international employment relationship.

Usually we provide assistance in the following labor and social security areas:

  • Labour Law advisory
  • Social security advisory (with social security organisations)
  • Pension adivisory
  • Health contribution advisory
  • International tax advisory

10. Labor Leasing Services

With our international labor leasing services we can offer solutions for those foreign companies who would like to do business in Hungary or in the EU without establishing any local business entity. If the local presence is not required – up to a certain business size – this is a very cost effective way to do business.

This is economical because:

  • no company establishment fee
  • no administration and legal fee
  • no office rental fee
  • no management fee
  • no accounting and payroll fee
  • no responsibility

11. VAT Registration and Administration

Our company has a fast and smooth process to manage VAT registration for companies, private entrepreneurs and self-employed people worldwide. Having co-operation with our business partners in many countries we can prepare, submit and handle VAT declarations and VAT payments also managing the invoicing processes.